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Diesel and gas engines for today's needs

Perkins ProductsPerkins leads the field in the design and manufacture of high-performance diesel engines. A programme of continuous research and development means we can offer the most advanced and comprehensive range of tailor-made diesel engines currently available.


From four to 2,000 kW (five to 2,800 hp), our engines help over 1,000 equipment manufacturers power more than 5,000 different applications in the construction, power generation, materials handling, agricultural, general industrial and marine markets.

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Reman Engines
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A class-leading diesel range and a significant evolution of the very successful compact engine family.
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Our popular, multigenerational 1100 Series gives you an optimum range of power solutions.
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Developed form a proven heavy-duty industrial engine, the 2000 Series offer exceptional performance.
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This distinctive range offers you trusted reliability, economic parts commonality and clean efficient power.
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