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Maximising your engine’s performance by keeping its fluids clean has just become more affordable. The 10% sale is on all our Perkins® oil, fuel and air filters.

oil filter image

Perkins® Oil Filters

The oil filter plays a vital role in ensuring that the lubricants circulating your engine and related parts are as clean as possible.

Perkins® Oil Filters offer:

  • Anti-drain back valve helps prevent engine seizures
  • High quality filter media, for optimum engine protection
  • High quality canister and end sealing for optimum performance
  • Bypass valve to prevent oil starvation if filter becomes blocked.

Perkins® Fuel Filters

The main role of a fuel filter is to prevent any unwanted materials from entering the fuel supply and it is a standard feature for all internal combustion engines. The consequences of contaminated fuel include fuel injection pump failure, dirty and blocked nozzles, excessive smoke and reduced engine performance.

Perkins® Fuel Filters:

  • Help protect your fuel injectors
  • Stop contaminants, including rust from metal barrels, getting into the combustion chamber
  • Use advanced replacement cartridge systems, to reduce environmental impact
fuel filter image
air filter image

Perkins® Air Filters

The combustion process of all diesel engines relies on the pistons compressing air and fuel together at very high pressures and for the resultant heat to cause an explosion. This ignites the internal combustion sequence. The role of an air filter is to prevent any unwanted materials from entering the air supply and ensure that the air is clean.

Perkins® Air Filters:

  • Ensure air entering the combustion chamber is clean
  • Increase fuel efficiency and performance
  • Need to be regularly maintained

Perkins® Ecoplus Filters

Perkins® Ecoplus Fuel and Oil Filters use an ‘element-based’ design, which means they are significantly better for the environment. With no metal can or centre tube to dispose of, they require fewer materials, minimise waste after use and can be easily and cheaply incinerated or recycled.

Ecoplus fuel filters ensure correct fuel flow levels are maintained, and at the same time protect sensitive components from damage. These filters also increase fuel injector life by 45%.

Call Gift on 011 045 6130 or Tebogo on 011 045 6236 for more information