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Barloworld Power Perkins Remanufactured Engines

Reman Engines

Perkins offers remanufactured engines with the same-as-new performance, reliability and warranty at a lower cost.

Reman Engines are based on an exchange system, the used engine is brought into our reman facility. The customer has the option to purchase a remanufactured engine or allow Perkins to remanufacture the original engine.

Why purchase a Perkins Reman Engine from Barloworld Power?

Our remanufactured engines are of the highest quality and as new. Customers have peace of mind as all reman engines are backed by the same factory warranty. Perkins Reman Engines are for Industrial, off highway applications only.

We help you lower the cost of engine ownership and operating costs.

For more information on reman engines, speak to our experts on 0861 100 190